The creators of 24 / 7 and High Wake Drifters present ,
                                "SWITCH".  Featuring super new footage shot this
                                summer, SWITCH puts the
                                most updated and hardcore
                                freeriding sessions in your
                                living room.  Witness Gator
                                style out with the biggest
                                hootchie glide ever (as seen
                                in Launch magazine, L.A.
                                Open).  Shapiro shows his
                                fury in a sick section that is
                                long overdue, featuring a new trick that can't be explained
                                (it's not the double front).  Byerly and crew throw down the
                                stunts with a lake to lake land jump that rivals Brannon
                                Meek's submarine slide in High Wake Drifters.  We
                                "SWITCH" from wake to skate and keep with the sidewayz
                                flavor.  Murray is the man with the plan as he sticks 720's
                                and makes it look like a 900 is on the way.




a film by Ronn Seidenglanz,Brooks Ferrell,Danny Vanzura

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