The Zer0gravity Music and Film Festival Tour is a multi-experience event that tours colleges and universities.  It showcases independent films while focusing on the subculture of Earth Sports including the athletes, tricks, sessions, locations, the music they love, and their lifestyle. 


11 Digital Theatres, 1/2 Pipe Ramp, Digital Village, Expo Paviilions, Stage,and more.

The Tour

The tour travels to colleges and universities throughout the U.S. School sites will be selected based on the number of undergraduates enrolled as well as factors such as climate, venue space, and calendar availability.  The 1998 tour is expected to reach between 100k - 200k visitors.

   Estimated # of attendees: 5,000 - 15,000  per event

   Previous locations include:

   University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI.. on campus

   Arizona State UniversityTempe, AZ.. on campus

   Slumdance Film FestivalPark City, UT.. Sundance Film Festival

   Woodstock Woodstock, NY..during music festival

   Spring Break event San Diego, CA.. during MTV Spring Break

The 1998 tour dates will take place in October and  November 1998. Sites will include some of the previously visited locations. In addition, kosmos innertainment will select locations mutually agreed upon by the Title Sponsor.

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